Friday, November 3, 2017

2017 Fall Art Tour

I'm still reorganizing, rearranging and reclaiming my work space

which has to happen first 
before I get around to downloading the photos 
that I'll post here so you can see either where you were and what you saw, 
or what you missed.
 Thank-you everyone who stopped by!
It was a good Fall Art Tour.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fall Art Tour Artist #22 realizes a sensible working order

I got sidetracked by chasing/repousse,
and then by these heads,
but NOW, I'm back on the woodblock track! 

(yes, this mornings realization:
Avoid printing the woodblocks NOW
and airborne sawdust
will not become fastened to wet ink! )

I'm Artist #22 this year! 

Get more Fall Art Tour Information HERE!
what's to eat...where to sleep
and a great map!
Two more "finials" to go, 
a serious vacuuming,
and woodblock printing will begin!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Woodblock in progress

I firmly believe one arts ones world.
This is not one of the set of 12 I've begun,
but is of that world and time,
sort of off to the side,
 in darker areas where one doesn't venture willingly.
Edges got cleared today.
Printing is next.
The block itself, before printing is always so beautiful
that I've decided to photograph them.
Once printed, they will never look like this again.

Woodblock almost ready to print

Edges got cleared today.
Printing  is next.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Early Man

Early Man
This 18.5 x 14.25" print
 is printed by hand onto 20.5" x 17" Kitakata paper. 
It's a tight fit onto the paper, but it does fit well. 
Not a fan of matting, because it many times reminds me of too tight underwear, 
I would float this. 
It is the first of 12 that I've got lined up to keep me out of trouble.
First printed about December 11th, 2016, scanned by Picture Salon January 23, 2017